Episode 5: A Victory for Texas Poker

Bill, Sam and Ryan put a bow on the May Day saga and discuss the long term fallout and how it may(or may not) affect

Episode 5: A Victory for Texas Poker

Episode 43: The Expectations Game

In this week’s edition of The @TicketCity Podcast, the entire Orangebloods crew is involved as we look at all of the pressing injury and personnel

Episode 43: The Expectations Game

12: UT’s 2018 football class, and SI whiffed on Austin’s “greatest college town eats” selection

Could the 2018 Texas recruiting class go down as one of UT’s best ever? Dustin McComas (@DMcComasOB) thinks it has a real chance. Plus, Sports

12: UT’s 2018 football class, and SI whiffed on Austin’s “greatest college town eats” selection

Episode 27: Austin PRIDE LIVE From Scholz Garten

Josh Wolff Hired as 1st Head Coach of Austin FC & One on One Interview With Christine Hanley, Director of LGBTQ for Austin Anthem. Zach

Episode 27: Austin PRIDE LIVE From Scholz Garten

Episode 4: Moneymaker

Bill, Sam and Ryan sit down with Chris Moneymaker to discuss all things poker. Listen in as Chris discusses life before his 2003 WSOP Main

Episode 4: Moneymaker


The Yakk is a platform for the voices in your community. We’re thrilled to bring our listeners a unique local perspective from podcasters you won’t hear anywhere else. We proudly invest in the communities that make up The Yakk sonic network and encourage you to do the same.


Hayley Hengst welcomes a new guest each week, and talks candidly with them about the aspects of their life that they AREN’T posting on social media. Grab some wisdom from someone who’s been there, and we promise to make you laugh a little, too.

What is life like for the Hip Hop Generation now that they’re in their 30s, 40s, and 50s? Was there an inevitable renegotiation? What’s changed? Legendary deejay Rapid Ric and emcee Bavu Blakes talk family, sports, music and much more…

Orangebloods lead basketball analyst Dustin McComas leads the discussion on the only weekly Texas Longhorns basketball-driven podcast in existence.

Tune into SaulPaul’s Music, Motivation and More Podcast as this illustrious talent discusses personal development, mindset, business and pop culture.

Orangebloods lead baseball analyst Dustin McComas orchestrates the discussion on the only weekly Texas Longhorns baseball-driven podcast in existence.

Orangebloods football lead writer and former NFL Hall of Fame voter Anwar Richardson takes you behind the ropes with what’s going on with Texas football.

Orangebloods football lead writer and former NFL Hall of Fame voter Anwar Richardson takes you behind the ropes with what’s going on with Texas football.

In the never-ending world of college football recruiting, one of the godfathers of Texas football recruiting has you covered with the lastest on the recruiting scene.

Your voice for simplicity amongst the chaos, host Bryan Bartow breaks down the latest news to keep it simple for the rest of us. 

The Orangebloods universe served on a daily brunt orange platter of discussion. It’s a decade of top-rated sports talk radio rolled into a one hour daily podcast.

Texas football discussion led by Marcus Myers, who played between the lines and won championship rings for the Longhorns football program.

Orangebloods football analyst Alex Dunlap’s X’s and O’s breakdown of Texas Longhorns football. 

Your voice for simplicity amongst the chaos, host Bryan Bartow breaks down the latest news to keep it simple for the rest of us. 

Your vote for the topics and an all-star cast of Orangebloods writers and posters, along with the best from the national media get together to answer them. It’s like a Price is Right party in a podcast.




Geoff Ketchum is the owner/publisher of Orangebloods.com. He’s covered Texas Longhorn athletics for more than two decades.  As the owner/publisher of the largest site in the Rivals.com Network and the nation’s No.1 overall college team subscription site, Ketchum has been the leading voice on Texas athletics for the better part of the last 20 years, whether it was his vision in creating the most dynamic sports media enterprise in the  Austin market, his authoring of an Amazon.com best-selling book or a radio career that included four years of national syndication.



Hayley is the founder of the blog Mother Freaking, a space originally intended to chronicle all of the humorous events that seemed to make up her life, mostly due to the four humorous males she lives with. Then some things happened (#separation #cancer #someothershiz), she realized life isn’t always so humorous, and the blog took a bit of a turn. She’s confident it will one day resume being funny, if for no other reason, because she will have been driven to insanity. Besides the obvious loves every Suburban Housewife shares (wine, coffee, naptime and Netflix), other things that make her happy include the smell of a new book, the chipped-tooth smile of her youngest son, a coffee mug with something witty written on it and twinkling lights.



Dustin McComas is the Orangebloods Director of Basketball Coverage in addition to Beat Writer covering Texas Baseball, and he aids Orangebloods.com’s football and recruiting coverage. Throughout his time at Orangebloods.com, McComas has covered the College World Series four times, the NCAA Basketball Tournament twice, and more commitment announcements and high school games than he can recall all over the globe. He has also worked as part of the scouting programs for two MLB teams.



Anwar Richardson is currently a columnist and reporter at Orangebloods.com. During his 25 years as a sports reporter, Anwar has covered nearly every sport and event imaginable. He covered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions and the entire NFL as a writer at Yahoo. Anwar is a former Pro Football Hall of Fame voter. In addition, the boxing enthusiast covered that sport for years and was ringside for bouts featuring Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Felix Trinidad and more. He won four APSE awards and was previously named the best sportswriter in Tampa Bay.



Musician, Author, Speaker, Mentor. And now we can add Podcaster to that list. Yes, it’s a new format but SaulPaul will bring his familiar yet unique brand of entertainment, inspiration and empowerment to the world of podcasting. There’s a reason he’s performed at 2 TEDx Talks, America’s Got Talent and Google. There’s a reason he’s impacted thousands through his keynotes at corporations and conventions across the country. And there’s a reason he’s guest lectured at universities and performed at some of the world’s most iconic music festivals. Tune into SaulPaul’s Music, Motivation and More Podcast as he discusses personal development, mindset, business and pop culture.



——– BAVU BLAKES ——– Bavu Blakes is a Scholar Emcee deliberately walking through the intersection of Hip Hop, education, and spirituality. He is a teacher of teachers, a servant–leader, and an award-winning musician whose studio collaborators include Grammy winners Adrian Quesada, Symbolyc One, and Gary Clark, Jr., as well as people’s champ Paul Wall. ——– RAPID RIC THE DJ ——– DJ Rapid Ric has been rocking parties in Texas for 20 years. He’s formed partnerships with artists from across the state – most notably with Chamillionaire (Ric is his official DJ), Z-Ro, Trae tha Truth, Killa Kyleon, Bun B, Chalie Boy, Paul Wall and many others. Ric has DJ’ed in over 42 countries, several large clubs in Las Vegas, as well as for many professional companies in the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio markets. Ric is also a certified teacher, and in the meantime educates about music in an after-school program in East Austin.


Jason Suchomel

A 20-year veteran of the Texas football and recruiting beat, Jason Suchomel joined Orangebloods.com in March of 2002. A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Suchomel earned an undergraduate degree in Journalism in 1996. During his time at Texas, Suchomel wrote for the Daily Texan and interned in the sports department for KEYE television, helping in the daily production of the KEYE sportscast. Suchomel has covered the Longhorn football team and Longhorn recruiting for more than two decades for both print and electronic publications, and he’s contributed to a number of magazines around the state as a guest columnist. He also appears weekly on radio programs around the state discussing Texas Longhorn athletics.



Marcus Myers was born and raised in Austin, TX and spent most of his formative years passionately driven as a student and athlete. Marcus went on to receive a full athletic scholarship for football from the University of Texas at Austin where he was a member of the 2005 National Championship team. Marcus went on to receive his bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2006. In 2012, Marcus received his master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. Marcus still enjoys anything and everything related to football (and sports in general), loves to travel, and spend time with family and friends.



Bryan is a technologist, developer, artist, early adopter, sports nut, a proponent of humor, and defender of usability. He lives in north Austin with his family, dog, and Tesla Model 3. He has a long and storied history in the technology space and with that experience comes clarity. That clarity helps him keep it real (simple) every week on his show, “Keep it Simple, Stupid.”



Alex Dunlap is a football analyst, writer and media personality. He covers the Texas Longhorns for Orangebloods.com as lead football analyst and he’s also a founder of RosterWatch which airs worldwide on Sirius XM radio. Dunlap is also a musician who toured and recorded with the major-label rock band Alpha Rev for the first portion of his professional career. His first statistical models for fantasy football were built from a bunk on a tour bus. He enjoys football, fishing, hunting, fantasy football, gambling and seething maniacally during various rants. 





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